Our services are delivered at over 500 Airport destinations worldwide.

Often the most stressful part of travel is getting to your final mode of transport Airports are often busy, noisy with numerous queues, as well as the added hassle of finding where you need to check in, drop your bags and get through security. This experience can be even more stressful when you are travelling as a large group. This is where we come in.

We believe that the travel experience is not just an on-board experience, but an experience that should be extended from the moment you arrive at the door step of the airport to the front step of your destination and vice versa.

Our professional services run effortlessly as a result of special access and relationships we have with our partners and includes everything including access to lounges, personal shopping assistance, VAT reclaim and pre-arranged chauffeur driven executive car transfers. We really have thought of everything.

Airport Concierge is a DiamondAir International company.

How to Book

Simply just clicking the “Book Airport Concierge” button and complete the form.

Payment can be made by setting up an account or via credit card payment. We accept the following –


    • American Express


    • Mastercard


    • Visa


    • Visa Debit


    • JCB


    • Maestro


All our card payments are via Worldpay. Upon submitting your order for payment, you will be provided with 2 payment options by Worldpay –


    1. Instant payment for services booked – Just enter CC details as you normally would


    1. Instant payment for services booked and card saved for additional services (Worlpay FuturePay)


Worldpay FuturePay allows you to keep your credit card securely on file on Worldpay through our reservations system so that you are able to add additional services during your scheduled Airport Concierge service without having to worry about making payment for a service amendment or placing another order. No additional services will be charged unless we get a confirmation that you are received an additional service that was not pre-booked.

This allows us to provide a seamless service and provide that in anticipation to your travel needs. Additional services can be requested at any time before your scheduled service ends, confirmation subject to availability.

Additional services include –


    • Baggage porters:


    • VAT Reclaim,


    • Chauffeur services,


    • Personal shopping,


    • Electric buggies,


    • Security Personnel,


    • Pre-arranged assistance with excess luggage,


    • Special gifts


    • Lounges


    • VAT reclaim assistance


We advise all regular users to choose the second option as it helps us provide a more efficient service. You can cancel the saved card option at any time by contacting our customer services team. Please see our terms and conditions. All additional services are airport dependent so please inquire for details.

You can upgrade to our super elite service; Airport By Invitation for the ultimate in air travel experience, by contacting our reservations team.